Maestro Carmelo Zamir

As a professional tarot reader, I can help you find a solution to what worries you. Our work is done 24/7, the effect is fast and slow depending on the sensitivity of each person, completely confidential and no one detects our intervention. You have the power to change your life and we can help you.


An art used to predict the future and guess the past through card reading.

Spiritual Cleansings

We use spiritual cleansing to cleanse our home of bad energies. If you experience arguments or conflicts in your home, it is possible that negative energy is circulating around you. This type of energy tends to interfere negatively in your home and relationships with your family and even your neighbors. Jealousy can be one of these energies, in fact it is very common.


Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive information about a physical object, person, place or event through extrasensory perception. Anyone claiming to have this ability is considered clairvoyant.

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Maestro lupe

We Can Help Find Your Future

I am the master of light, working to get what you want, to make you control and achieve the elusive, to satisfy your desires and needs, to achieve your happiness.

We Commit To Give You The Best Experience

Card Reading
Healing Baths

Know Your Solutions

“YOUR PROBLEM IS OUR PROBLEM” together we will defeat the lover, intruder, rival, enemy or whoever. Do not let anyone or anything play with your faith, feelings and desperation, I will not let you down! Master lupe expert offers you the knowledge, commitment and above all vocation… You are not alone, we are with you!