The tarot is one of the most beautiful symbolic and self-knowledge languages that exist. A symbolic language that has a predictive, but also psychological and


Perfume is one of those natural chemical combinations that consist of more complex molecules. In every scent there is a hidden power that can be


Spirit oils: use the destroying oil (destroys everything) to conquer and destroy enemies. For external use only. ANOINTING OIL: Magic oil acts as an anointing

Healing Baths

The bath is considered not only a time of the day dedicated to body hygiene, but also a form of treatment and aesthetic therapy. It

Cures of fright

According to the popular Hispanic tradition, espanto -also known as ngitsé, susto and xiwel- is a disease suffered by animals and humans (especially children), which

Reading cards

Reading cards is an art that has been studied for hundreds of years. In this art there are disciplines such as astrology or numerology and

Prepared Candles

Since time immemorial, candles have been a symbol of hope, strength, gratitude, and on that basis we return to rituals that help us when things

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs (or herbal remedies) are plants used as medicine. People use them to help prevent or cure an illness. They are used to relieve

Religious Articles

Religious articles can fulfill different functions, whether for temples, brotherhoods or individuals. In some cases, they will be associated with the main saints or figures

White Magic

White magic is the name given to those acts of magical liturgy whose nature is beneficial, for one’s own good or the good of others.

Black Magic

Black magic is defined as those acts of magical liturgy whose nature, methods or objectives are not commonly accepted by the society where they occur,


A counselor can help you better understand the realities of your situation and make more informed decisions. Some people have a natural gift for giving


Spiritism is a doctrine or practice that holds that it is possible to engage in communication with the spirit of a dead person through a

the Evil Eye

The evil eye is the product of a strong negative energy that is sent to the victim by another person who wishes to harm him

Spiritual Cleansings

What are spiritual cleansings used for? We use spiritual cleansings to cleanse our home of bad energies. If you experience arguments or conflicts within your


Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive information about a physical object, person, place or event through extrasensory perception. Anyone claiming to have this ability is