Black Magic

Black magic is defined as those acts of magical liturgy whose nature, methods or objectives are not commonly accepted by the society where they occur, and which in general have a personal, selfish, and selfish purpose without thought to the social or public consequences. Black magic is a type of sorcery, and is defined by […]


A counselor can help you better understand the realities of your situation and make more informed decisions. Some people have a natural gift for giving advice or suggestions, others simply want to try to make this profession a way of life. In either case, there is a chance for success. It is very important to […]


Spiritism is a doctrine or practice that holds that it is possible to engage in communication with the spirit of a dead person through a medium or otherwise. A medium, on the other hand, is a person who attributes to himself paranormal faculties that allow him to act as a mediator in parapsychological phenomena (including […]

the Evil Eye

The evil eye is the product of a strong negative energy that is sent to the victim by another person who wishes to harm him or her. This type of energy is usually the product of envy, jealousy and hatred, causing enormous discomfort in the person who receives it. Many of the ancient cultures whose […]

Spiritual Cleansings

What are spiritual cleansings used for? We use spiritual cleansings to cleanse our home of bad energies. If you experience arguments or conflicts within your home, there may be a negative energy roaming around. This type of energy seeks to interfere in a negative way in your home and in the relationship you have with […]


The tarot is one of the most beautiful symbolic and self-knowledge languages that exist. A symbolic language that has a predictive, but also psychological and spiritual use. We say it is sacred because it connects us with something greater than ourselves. Its cards or archetypes bring us very deep messages under universal, collective, transpersonal and […]